Glitter Tummy Bunny Shaker Patch


Made to Order: Please allow up to two weeks for production. I appreciate your patience!

Bring home your new plush friend with a glitter tummy surprise! Shake them around and watch the glitter go! This patch inspired by 80s/90s plush toys such as Carebears, Popples, and Secret Keepins measures out at about 2.5″ x 2.5″ with an iron on backing. If you prefer a patch without iron on, feel free to contact me!

NOTE: Because of the vinyl that keeps the glitter in I do not recommend this patch to be around direct heat so please air dry only! It does have iron on backing, which I’ve had successful tests with ironing on from the back only and holding the iron for no longer than it takes to count to 12 to prevent any warping or damage to the vinyl.

*** Ironing On Tips ***
– Certain materials do not work with iron on patches such as materials with heavy plastic/elastic makeup so please check if your garment can be ironed on!
– Do NOT iron this particular patch from the front, back only and for short bursts to prevent warping of the vinyl!
– Never use steam when ironing on!
– Ironing on is never 100% permanent, so sewing on as well will help make sure your patch is secure!


Kidcore, Pastel Dream, Strawbunny