Note: I unfortunately do not do custom patches and no longer do embroidery customizations.
Thank you for understanding!

About Clover Hare

Heyhi! My name is Mack and I’m a queer artist who loves collecting vintage children’s books/toys, expressing myself thru fashion, caring for plants, & drawing all kinds of critters!

My favorite digital tools are my iPad, Huion GT-191, Procreate, Paint Tool Sai, & Clip Studio Paint. 
My favorite traditional tools are Copic Markers, Colored Pencils, Watercolors, Acrylic & Gouache Paint. 

I also host products in my shop for Glowsheep!

2023-24 Convention Schedule

– Anthro New England (Jan 20th – Feb 22nd)
– Texas Furry Fiesta (March 16th – 19th)
– Motor City Furry Con (March 24th – 26th)
– Furry Weekend Atlanta (May 11th – 14th)

– Anthrocon (June 29th – July 2nd)
– Midwest Furfest (Nov 30th – Dec 3rd)
– Anthro New England 2024