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About Clover Hare

A queer freelance artist living in Columbus, OH who is inspired by children’s media, toys, plants, & critters! I use they/them pronouns.

My favorite digital tools are my iPad, Huion GT-191, Procreate, Paint Tool Sai, & Clip Studio Paint. 

My favorite traditional tools are Copic Markers, Colored Pencils, Watercolors, Acrylic & Gouache Paint. 

I also host products in my shop for Glowsheep!

2022 Convention Schedule

– Ohayocon (Feb 10th – Feb 13th)
– Katsucon (Feb 18th – 20th)
– FurTheMore (March 4th – 6th)
– Texas Furry Fiesta (March 17th – 20th)
– Motor City Furry Con (March 25th – 27th)
– FurSquared (April 14th – 17th)
– Furry Weekend Atlanta (May 5th – 8th)
– Anthrocon (June 30th – July 3rd)
– Megaplex (Aug 5th – 7th)
– Matsuricon (Aug 12th – 14th)
– Furpocalypse (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)
– Midwest Furfest (Dec 1st – 4th)