Product Care Info

Tips for Ironing on Patches

– Certain materials do not work with iron on patches or can be melted by the heat such as materials with heavy plastic/elastic makeup so please check if your garment can be ironed on and if so what temperatures it can handle!

– NEVER iron on with steam/when the garment is moist as it can melt the iron on away!

– I set my iron at a medium high (right under the wool setting) and online have seen 270 F suggested, but understand everyone’s irons are different so start low and increase the temperature as needed if you are unsure what setting to use!

– Items with heat sensitive materials such as the vinyl of Glitter Tummy Bunny should ONLY be ironed on from the back in bursts of 12 seconds. I try to include a care card for these types of items with each purchase.

– Use a thin towel or scrap fabric when ironing the front to prevent scorching the thread/fabric.

– Please remember, ironing on is never 100% permanent, so sewing on as well will help make sure your patch is secure!


– Some of the Dad Hats have a velcro clasp, please avoid putting them in the dryer/high heat as it can melt the plastic!

Fleece Care

Items containing fleece: Kigurumis & some patches

– To keep fleece items nice and soft you want to avoid abrasion and heat so washing in cold water and air drying or tumble dry on no or low heat will help keep the fleece nicer longer.

– If it begins to pill or mat you can gently brush it with a wire pet brush or lint brush.

Faux Fur Care

– Any item containing faux fur will need to avoid heat as it can melt the plastic “fur fibers” so will need to be air dried or tumble dry with NO heat (please make sure your dryer actually produces NO heat on this setting if you want to try using it).

– Faux fur will need to be brushed gently with a wire pet brush based on wear to keep it looking nice!